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it is dangerous to go alone!

21 July 1982
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AlternaTickers - Cool, free Web tickers

AlternaTickers - Cool, free Web tickers

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80's music, afi, alcohol, aquariums, astrology, bad religion, bats, beach, black lights, black roses, bubble bobble, cadbury creme eggs, caffine, cars, cartoons, cemeteries, cereal, chains, cher, cichlids, coffee, concerts, cookie dough, dark lotus, death, dogs, domino effect, donnie darko, dragons, dreams, eels, evil clowns, evilness, fairies, fallen angels, faygo, food network, fortune cookies, freddy krueger, freshwater fish, ghosts, hair dye, hair glue, halloween, hamtaro, hannibal lecter, hatchetman, hearses, hello kitty, hondas, horror movies, horrorcore, house of krazees, hustler, icp, idog, insanity, jello shots, johnny the homicidal maniac, juggalos, kiwis, knives, kottonmouth kings, legolas, lilo + stitch, lord of the rings, macaroni and cheese, mangos, marilyn manson, metallica, mohawks, monopoly, monoxide child, mountain dew, mudslides, nachos, nes, nightmare before christmas, nightmare on elm street, nightmares, ninjas, nintendo, offspring, otter pops, ouija boards, pain, penguins, piercings, pina coladas, pineapples, pinhead, plaid, playstation, pomeranians, primus, psychopathic records, punk, punk boys, punk rock, rainman, rancid, red devils, rum, safety pins, sailor moon, scary pictures, shiny things, shooters, sleepaway camp, sloths, smashing pumpkins, snakes, south park, soylent green, sparkly things, spiderwebs, spikes, spork, squee, stabbing westward, starbucks, stephen king, stickers, sting rays, swords, tattoos, tatu, tears for fears, tech n9ne, teddy ruxpin, the crow, the unexplained, the white stripes, tool, twiztid, ufo's, unsolved mysteries, vampires, vandals, video games, wings, writing, zelda, zoos


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